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Tide Breaker Hardcover

Tide Breaker Hardcover

Tide Breaker. In your hands. The power to bring your action movie, anime, and other awesome media dreams to life. With tools like:


  • Deep character customization
  • Lightning fast stylized combat with enough tactical grit to satisfy story gamers and combat monsters alike
  • Puppies!
  • GM tools to make your players cheer or tremble in fear.
  • Full fledged world building mechanics with dozens of tables to fine tune your designs together.
  • Stealth mechanics that'd make your favorite super spy blush
  • and everything to make sure your characters are as badass as you picture them to be.


Play Tide Breaker at its full strength. Grab your dice and save the world, heroes!


  • Free PDF instructions

    we've got a coupon running to get a free pdf


    use coupon code "freepdf" (no quotes) when purchasing a copy a hardcover copy to get your pdf for free. Don't forget to add it to the order before checking out! 

    If you run into any issues, please email us and we'll mail you a copy!

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