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You've got some questions. We've got some answers.

When is the game coming out?

The plans for release are still in the early formative stage as we go through the final stages of designing the game and move forward to the later stages of production. Stay tuned for updates on release here!

What's this "Unleashed by Tide Breaker" You're going on about?

We're shooting to be the next big thing here. We're gonna make a nice little website here to host games built using the Tide Breaker System and get everybody paid. Yeah, we're gonna get ya out of that cage of mundane gaming existence. You're gonna get Unleased BY TIDE BREAKER.

Where can I download your games?

Click the "Play The Game Here" button on the menu. The game is currently in Alpha and hosted on Google Docs. Stick around and watch us develop into a nice big fancy book why dontcha?

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