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pregnant women should stay away from mackerel, fresh eels and fresh cod fish, which are all known to contain mercury. the fda has advised women of childbearing age to avoid fish that are commonly known to contain mercury, including mackerel, shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish. according to fishwise, a website operated by the environmental protection agency, women in the united states should avoid shark, swordfish and king mackerel, due to their high mercury content.

hiv rates are significantly higher among ethnic minorities, including african americans, latinos and asians than among whites. one reason is that in the united states, where 34 million people are infected with the virus, fewer than 0.01 percent of the african american population has been infected (1381).

if well-managed, exercise can greatly improve cardiovascular fitness, bone density, muscle tone and overall well-being. a wide variety of conditioning programs are offered through fitness centers, and most health clubs have a specialized class or program focused on cardiovascular fitness. vascular fitness involves strength training to build endurance, and balance exercises to promote joint health. aerobic exercise uses the muscles of your heart, lungs and cardiovascular system to work against the force of gravity. it can be practiced at a brisk pace in the form of walking, running or biking, or at a moderate pace in the form of yard work, swimming, swimming laps, bicycling, jogging and other aerobic activities. more info

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