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Polycom Realpresence Desktop License Crackl


Polycom Realpresence Desktop License Crackl

I'm using v1.1.2 everytime I start it I get the message "Activate License Number". But then when I select a Product Number - I get the expected message "Set Product Number". Then I get the message "Activate Product Number". When I do, I get nothing.

First off, I'm really impressed by what you've put together here. It's almost as thought someone from Sennheiser built the program, rather than using some kind of generic off-the-shelf program. Everything from the clearly-labelled menu bars, to the way they're automatically centered on the monitor seems consistent with someone who's worked on this product.

The one downside is the lack of a demo. What I mean by that is, I like playing with software like this: I download the app, disassemble it to see how it works, then I set up a few scenes, then I load up the scene and record my video. Polycom RealPresence Desktop offers none of that. I have to purchase the software and then go back to the Sourceforge and download the scenes - which don't all work without the payment. I'm not going to go buy a trial just to find out...

So in conclusion: this is a really good piece of software. If you like using a program that doesn't require a lot of fiddling when you want to set up a workshop, then you'll really like this app.

I just bought a licence from a reseller after my trial period for realpresence desktop expired. I got the email and was able to set up a keycode on the polycom site. Problem is when I go into the application on my desktop it doesn't recognise the licence code I have. It fits the format for the 'Licence Number' boxes on the 'Licence' screen, however the 'activiate' button doesn't become available so I can't move on ('back' and'res