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Orcad 10.5 License File [HOT]

OrCAD License File: How to Manage and Troubleshoot It

OrCAD products are powerful software tools for PCB design and analysis that require a license file to run. The license file contains information about the OrCAD products you are licensed to use, such as the version, the features, and the expiration date. In this article, we will show you how to manage and troubleshoot your OrCAD license file using the Cadence License Server Configuration Utility.

Orcad 10.5 License File

What is an OrCAD License File?

An OrCAD license file is a text file that contains the license information for your OrCAD products. It is usually named license.dat and located in the C:\\Cadence\\LicenseManager directory. You can also find your license file in your email or on the EMA Technical Support website .