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Justin Lee Taiwan 27.5


Justin Lee Taiwan 27.5

Nice article, the approach of buying quality second hand usually works for most things as often they are bought purely because they are expensive by people with more money than they know what to do with and because it is a brand. so I pick up Nike goretex jackets never worn in anger, goretex walking boots that went no further than a pub carpark or my most recent purchase a 2001 marin rocky ridge off ebay for 230 quid. more expensive than it could have been as I ended up in a bidding war but a nice retro bike with under 200 miles on it, bombproof components, alloy frame and ridden by little old fella up and down the canal towpath then stored for 12 years. got a load of extras to empty his shed but all usefull so other than the train journey to pick it up I was well happy with a thousand pound bike for quarter the price. by the time I've upgraded the bits I want over time off ebay it will probably out last me unless it gets thing with older bikes is you often know what you are getting, a taiwanese made bike is totally different to a chinese one. it also helps if you are familiar with the brand and how it rides. don't be afraid to tatty a bike up a bit, I had one of the best specced cannondales in york but the paintwork was so messed up and it was so grubby apart from where it needed to be clean that it never got any interest until it was stolen from work - inside the building at that. A friend of mine paints rust and dirt on his or least he says that's what it is.another plus side for second hand is retro often has its own cool and often these bikes got ridden a couple of times a month rather than 30 miles a day which is what mine used to be subjected to. I did just over 13000 in one year, I was gutted when the battery on my cateye went flat at a price guide line for second hand they reckon half the purchase price then 10% off per year.

Learn how to fix EVERYTHING on your bike yourself. My bike started out as a Halfords cheapie, an Apollo Belmont. When the rear wheel bearings need adjusting then it is time to get the spanners out. If wheels rub on brake blocks, adjust them, or true the wheel. If a bike goes wrong on the road there is no equivalent of the AA or RAC. If a component is not up to the job, find out what is compatible and replace it yourself. The last time I took a bike back to a bike shop for repair was 1982. Putting LBS mechanics out of a job Perhaps but I have to buy spares and components from somewhere.

Interesting scope of feedback on here. I think you've got a reasonable split between people who've had a bad experience with a cheap consumer bike - the haters; and those who accept that they're a cheap bike and (mostly) don&#