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Necromunda - House Of Iron

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Necromunda - House Of Iron

House of Iron covers the gangs of House Orlock, the masters of the Necromundan wastelands. Something that I have really enjoyed about these volumes is the amount of lore that we get to build on what we know about each gang. In House of Iron we learn the entire history and timeline of House Orlock from the dusts of Necromunda to the Iron Lords themselves. We also learn of the house structure and the industries and operations then run upon the planet from mining ore to brewing the rather potent Wild Snake liquor! We also learn a little about the wastes surrounding the hives that House Orlock run the transport routes of, and this is a nice little glimpse into life outside the Underhive and the exciting possibilities of vehicles and Ash Waste Nomads!

We also see fallen houses as an option for an Outlaws who gain a benefit for fighting against Law abiding gangs and get the option of taking a free Rebel Lord who has a decent statline and weapon options! 59ce067264