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Generals Zero Hour 1.04 Patch Crack [WORK]

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Generals Zero Hour 1.04 Patch Crack [WORK]

C&C Generals Zero Hour v1.04 NoCD patch by Iguana/MegatecDate: 2005.05.02Notes:We Z:H addicts of Croatia waited and waited and waited but no crack for v1.04 appeared, none of the 2 existing mini images worked for meso I decided to do something about it. I have to thank iND for v1.03 patch without which this one probably wouldn't exist.Regards to all the generals out there! I salute you!Enjoy this excellent game!Install:1) copy to the safe place "generals.exe" & "game.dat" from your game dir (in case of more patches)2) copy "generals.exe" & "game.dat" from this archive to your game dir overwriting original files when prompted3) n-joy commanding your troopsSpecial greetings to the following generals: Cim - GLA toxin master, smelly ******* :) Crveni - the loverboy from capitol city =) Bimbo/PhoneLez - lay off the booze, stimulants aren't allowed :*) FoxxBL - The quick brown over-a-century old fox jumps over the lazy dog... :] Giovanni - Zhivio snoohshuy, ali zhivili Generalsi josh vishe! :) Shark - It's not the fight, it's the BITE... that counts! :] Emp(eror) - plochica po plochica, eto cijele bazice... :) Pingi - the man with the strongest right hand of them all :)And to all the other NEW guys in Z:H conflict: PatchKiller, Igi, Tantrum, Toma, Nemilostivi, BladeRunner... and all Croatian generals.Additional greetings to all "VT LAN Party" participants in VT/Croatia, all Megatec members, all the people I forgot and to YOU, general Sir. :)(Iguana/Megatec)

Hello! I would really appreciate some help on this problem (see pic). Why the F is this sign showing, even after a clean reinstall and all(!) folders have been deleted. I've tried time and again, but the 1.04 patch won't install and I have the old version of C&CGZH (Deluxe version). What to do Is it a registry problem (Windows 10)

Well it says in the readme of KE (this is a direct extraction of the text of what it says it needs to run on ZH) "This modification will ONLY run on C&C Generals ZH, patched to version 1.02" so if only one could make a ZH 1.04 version of the mod I don't see how else it can be depatched to 1.02 for TFD ZH, oh well. Thanks for the support though everyone, I mean it.

Nonsense. I know tha