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Let's do a sound check before raising the curtain, ok?

Ok folks! Here it is! I've decided to release version 1.04 for sale right now! This is a fully playable game and ready for playtesting beyond the reach of our personal discord server (which you can find here). We're putting this out as an early access product to generate some funds for art, editing, and layout to prepare for the eventual Kickstarter and the following physical release. It'll be up on for 15$ for folks to get access to it as soon as possible. Any one that wants to invite me to play on their streams or is willing to do a review of this version of the game can email me for a free copy of the game.

In light of this, I have decided that I will be using the following couple of months to chill and promote the game and collect as much feedback as possible to give the game even more polish as we get the hype train started for Kickstarter season. There will be at least one more update as I realized that well, I'm on my own so I can take my time now and add everything I want. The details of the update's contents are discussed in 1.04 so you all will be seeing it soon! #KeepItHeroic ya'll!

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