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Quantitative Analysis For Management 10th Edition Pdf !FREE!

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Quantitative Analysis For Management 10th Edition Pdf !FREE!

Under the criteria set forth above, a reasonable worst case fire scenario must include a combination of an ignition source, fuel items, and a building location likely to produce a fire that would have a significant adverse impact on the building and its occupants. The development of reasonable worst case scenarios must include consideration of types and forms of fuels present (e.g., furniture, trash, paper, chemicals), potential fire ignition locations (e.g., bedroom, office, closet, corridor), occupant capabilities (e.g., awake, intoxicated, mentally or physically impaired), numbers of occupants, detection and suppression system adequacy and reliability, and fire department capabilities. A quantitative analysis of the probability of occurrence of each scenario and combination of events will be necessary.

Fire scenarios and fire risk reduction programs are developed in accordance with NFPA’s technical guidelines and are based on a thorough review of historical fire data, statistical data, technical and other literature, and consultation with qualified safety and fire experts. When possible, fire scenarios are developed based on original, primary data. Where no original, primary data exist, the scenarios are developed based on the best available data and technical knowledge, using primary and secondary sources of information. Where the data are insufficient to develop a valid and reasonable worst case fire scenario, the analysis results in a qualitative, qualitative, or qualitative case.

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