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Buy Used Camry Hybrid

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Buying a used car is always a risk. How many owners has it been through? How was the vehicle-treated? Was it appropriately maintained? These questions and many more always swirl around in our heads when looking for a used car.

Hybrids are especially more confusing for many because they are not traditional cars. The expense of a failing hybrid battery alone can wipe out an owner's pocketbook. More often than not, though, most used Toyota Prius are good deals. The cars are built well enough they will last.

Toyota Hybrid System, Camry EditionPrius was mostly through its second iteration when Camry hybrid rolled off the line. The Toyota Hybrid System had already proven viable in the marketplace. Now it was time to bring another popular car to the fleet.

Camry was already a great seller, but to boost the MPG and give it a better transmission system was a sure winner. This hybrid was destined to be a desirable car, and all these years later, it shows.

Toyota Camry Hybrid, The Alternative To A Prius VMany hybrid owners love the Toyota Prius V for the extra room and versatility. Quite honestly, I agree. While Camry hybrid is not a wagon, it does have more space.

The fuel economy is still pretty decent on the first generation 38 HWY and 40 City (of course, this varies with how good your battery is). So is having a bigger hybrid that gets better than average MPG worth it? I certainly think so.