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Sygic Windows Ce 5.0 Download WORK

Enhancements: Support for the MQTT protocol. See Enhanced battery charging algorithm and thermal management. String allocation instrumentation function (strMemoryUsage). + other minor enhancements. Bug Fixes: Accelerometer logger in relative mode did not work correctly for the Z-axis. pmDeepSleep in some case resumed operation too fast. gpsDistanceX() did a fractional truncation of the distance. + other minor bug fixes. For the RTCU CX1 series the battery charging and thermal management have been improved significantly. An upgrade to firmware V3.12 on the RTCU CX1 series is therefore highly recommended. The new features introduced in this firmware release require the installation of the new RTCU IDE 6.52 below. Please download from RTCU IDE 6.52

Sygic Windows Ce 5.0 Download

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