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Acronis True Image 2013 Boot Iso [REPACK]


Acronis True Image 2013 Boot Iso [REPACK]

Note: To boot the OS, first type to change from booting from the CD to booting from first device (HDD). If you are at the Acronis True Image Windows Recovery main screen, choose the option Advanced Recovery Setting and then to continue.

Now when you boot the PC, the OS and System Image will be installed on the new SSD, which will replace the failed C: drive. The migrated and repaired partition is shown in the following screenshot.

The image file should be able to repair/reinstall the OS even when the same-capacity SSD is connected instead of booting from the CD but in my case it didn't so the failed C: drive was repaired and called W:. Here is the screenshot after the repair was complete on the new SSD but before I rebooted the system into the repaired Windows operating system.

4.Reboot the PC. If the system does not boot (it should) then continue to download the Win7 ISO file. You can use a zip utility such as WinZip or 7Zip to download the file and have it automatically unzip. It is not necessary to use the Ultimate version of WinZip, though, in fact you can just use this utility to verify that the ISO file worked once posted on another website. If WinZip can not handle the file, that is not an issue.

5. In Windows (the BIOS/UEFI setup screen) ensure that the AHCI/RAID, IDE, and normal modes are enabled. Then move the DVD drive in the drives window to the top of the list of hard drives (if available). When the PC is on just connect the My Book drive and the Win7 ISO will be automatically bootable.