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Smart Driver Updater V3.3.1.2 Final Full Version HOT!

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Smart Driver Updater V3.3.1.2 Final Full Version HOT!

We are finally releasing MacUpdater 3, the long awaited new generation of our award-winning tool to keep all your apps updated! MacUpdater 3 brings some of the most often requested new features: fully-automatic zero-click updates and the ability to track multiple different branches for those apps that support multiple versions. Further improvements include an 'Apple Silicon Migration Assistant' and the ability to re-install your apps. Also, the ability to scan and update most non-app software (except media-plugins) is now available in the Standard edition of MacUpdater, further improving the value of our flagship app. Don't hesitate and check out all the new features today! Happy Upgrading!

We've released the final 1.0 version of UninstallPKG, an app that allows you to completely remove/erase/uninstall so called "packages" (file-extension: "pkg") from your Mac. The application allows you to perform 3 un-installations for free after which you can unlock the full version for 9.99$ directly in-app. 1e1e36bf2d