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First Love Korean Movie With English Subtitles Download Korean !!EXCLUSIVE!!

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First Love Korean Movie With English Subtitles Download Korean !!EXCLUSIVE!!

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How to Watch First Love, a Romantic Comedy About Time Travel and Unrequited Love

If you are looking for a sweet and funny Korean movie with English subtitles, you might want to check out First Love, also known as The Eighteen Things First Love Taught Me. This is the love story of a tomboy who secretly fell in love with a gentle straight A student. Witness the young and unforgettable first love of Tian Xiao Le and Cheng Da Ye who went through life's ups and downs, silently waiting and missing out on each other before returning to the beginning where love is the easiest thing[^1^].

First Love was released in China in 2020 and stars Sebrina Chen as Tian Xiao Le and Bruce He as Cheng Da Ye. The movie has a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on MyDramaList, a popular website for Asian drama fans[^1^]. Some viewers praised the movie for its realistic portrayal of growing pains and the chemistry between the leads, while others criticized it for being predictable and clichÃd[^1^].

If you are interested in watching First Love, you have several options to download it with English subtitles. One of them is to visit Viki, a streaming platform that offers a variety of Korean dramas, movies, and shows with subtitles in different languages. Viki has another Korean movie with a similar title and theme: My First Love, a 2018 drama series that was directed by Min Yeon Hong. My First Love tells the story of Kang Shin Woo, a 28-year-old mathematics teacher who is still haunted by a love regret from a decade ago. When a freak incident sends him back in time to his high school days, he gets a chance to win the heart of his first love, Han Ji Soo[^2^]. You can watch My First Love on V