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Wynorski has been making B-movies and exploitation movies since the early 1980s, and has directed over 150 feature films. His earliest films were released to movie theaters, but his later works have predominantly been released to cable or the straight-to-video market. He often works under pseudonyms such as "Jay Andrews," "Arch Stanton," "H.R. Blueberry," "Tom Popatopolis," and "Noble Henry."[citation needed] His movies often spoof horror films: Cleavagefield, for example, parodies Cloverfield,[1] The Bare Wench Project parodies The Blair Witch Project,[2] and Para-Knockers Activity parodies Paranormal Activity.[3] A character in the film The Final Destination is named after him.[citation needed]

Wynorski grew up in Long Island. He flunked out of film school and went to work at the fiction department of DoubleDay Publishing from 1972 to 1977. He wanted to work in movies, so quit his job and moved to Los Angeles. He got a job as location manager on the TV show Breaking Away, but was fired during production. Flying back to Los Angeles, he met a fellow passenger who knew Roger Corman and arranged an introduction. Wynorski went to work for Corman. He did publicity and began writing screenplays.[4]

In 2001 Wynorski returned to Roger Corman with Raptor (2001). He later made a series of "creature" films. For Corman he did some uncredited work on Wolfhound (2002). He made Project Viper (2002) for the Sci Fi Channel.

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