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On October 1, 2001, President George W. Bush announced the War on Terror had entered a Phase II, where the military would focus on the invasion of Iraq.[19] With White House approval, Defense SecretaryDonald Rumsfeld signed a confidential memorandum on January 17, 2002.[20] The memorandum, known as the Rumsfeld memorandum, called for the development of an overarching plan for the military's Iraq strategy which had to be approved by President Bush.[21] An early draft of the memorandum was delivered to Secretary of StateColin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice the night of January 17, 2002.[22] Initiated as an operation codenamed Silver Star, Rumsfeld's memo anticipated an invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2002 to topple Saddam Hussein[23] and disarm Iraq's WMD.[24] However, this strategy was rejected by President Bush the following day.[25] Within a few days, Rumsfeld drafted another memo, this time more limited in scope, and proposing a "kinetic military campaign" to remove Saddam Hussein from power.[26] The second memo would be the subject of leaks that spring.[27] is the leading provider of on-line military news to a national audience of non-military individuals and organizations that care about our service members and veterans. Through an innovative visitor-focused growth strategy, we have expanded, delivering a quick-hit news service through the NAVwebsite and various social media sites. NAVwebsite is one of the largest online public military-focused websites in the world and has been recognized both internationally and in the United States as a prominent source of global news for veterans, active-duty service members, reservists, National Guard and military families and civilians. NAVwebsite is now the premier destination for current events and popular culture news along with specific niche categories including military families, veterans and more. NAVwebsite is your source for military history and military culture and strives to provide a comprehensive guide to military life through unique, engaging, comprehensive, quick-hit military news and popular demand content available only on the NAVwebsite. In addition to publishing your content on the NAVwebsite, NAV provides various social media channels and an easy-to-use free website editor, allowing you to customize content for your audience, audience engagement, online presence and new media options. d2c66b5586