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it is time for the award of the month. there were considerable delays in testing due to various problems with versions of the test suite, but we persevered and it is safe to say that everyone has now had a chance to take part in a demonstration of how virut detects viruses, worms and trojans, as well as how they can cause data corruption, data loss and break operating systems. microsoft windows was one of the first versions to pass the test, the next only a few minutes later, followed by windows live just a few minutes after that. osx.bootcamp was missed, but it was very late and we judged the effort involved would have made it hard to reach the cut-off times. windows was then the first of our main test set products to be passed, followed by kaspersky internet security and then windows defender with microsoft security essentials, all in rapid succession. the third part of the vb100 award of the month was to pass the testdisk virus to windows defender.

while we were testing these products our other test set, containing 22 randomly selected windows versions to cover the very recent past and future, was gaining mass. we hoped to be able to process these at the same time as the three main test set products, but alas our luck was out.

all agreed that the configuration parameters were not easy to follow, and the presentation makes it even harder, with odd organization across all areas, with no links to previous check results or so much as a help screen being provided. once presented with the hard work, we felt that the results were solid. with so many samples being sampled and the leading tools being turned on, we found no reason to be concerned, and no suspicious signs with any of the included or omitted items. 3d9ccd7d82