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Raised Skirts And Raised Shirts Vol 12

Raised Skirts And Raised Shirts Vol 12 ->->->->

Raised Skirts And Raised Shirts Vol 12

A frothy Edwardian whitework bed jacket with original ribbon. The combination of Valencienne lace and fine raised whitework is quite delightful. The jacket is entirely worked in embroidery with original ribbon and is edged entirely with Valencienne lace. A lovely frothy bedjacket, one of the very best I have come across.

A very stylish Irish crochet lace jacket with a ornate design. Large three-dimensional flowers are surrounded by smaller flowers and leaves that also has the traditional raised work. The overall shape of the jacket is enhanced by the gentle tapering scalloped sleeves. A very beautiful Irish crochet jacket with good quality workmanship.

A lavish Victorian or Edwardian silk and lawn petticoat. The silk even has a fine silk chiffon layer over it. A truly stunning petticoat, the satin-stitch raised embroidery is superb, both in design and quality of workmanship. Embellished with a original ribbon and pretty Irish crochet scalloped edging. A stunning original petticoat.

A stunning Irish crochet jacket with a elaborate design. Ornate leaves and flowers with masses of three-dimensional raised work on the flowers. The design was well thought out and the quality of the Irish crochet work is quite excellent. In good condition.

Circa 1890 - early 1900's, a wonderful Irish crochet coat with a lovely tight design of raised flowers and leaves. The coat has good volume and tapers to apprx. 50" at the back. Extremely wearable and a superb example of the best of Irish crochet. A beautiful coat with great style!