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Download The Happening Movie In Hindi 720p: A Thrilling Tale of Survival

The Happening is a 2008 thriller film written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, and Betty Buckley and revolves around an inexplicable natural disaster causing mass suicides.

The film follows a high school science teacher, his wife, and a young girl as they struggle to survive a plague that causes those infected to commit suicide. They must avoid populated areas and large groups of people, as the mysterious phenomenon seems to be triggered by plants releasing a toxin that affects human behavior.

The Happening is a gripping and suspenseful movie that explores the themes of nature, humanity, and fear. It also features some shocking and gruesome scenes of violence and death that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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