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Answers For No Joking Around Trigonometric Identities

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Answers For No Joking Around Trigonometric Identities

As far as I can say, questions about trigonometric equations have been tagged trigonometry so far. And also trigonometric-functions and trigonometric-identities are synonyms for trigonometry. To me, it seems logical to treat trigonometric equations in the same way.

Many trigonometric identities, including the Pythagorean theorem, have combinatorial proofs. Furthermore, some combinatorial problems have trigonometric solutions. All of these problems can be reduced to alternating sums, and are attacked by a technique we call D.I.E. (Description, Involution, Exception). This technique offers new insights to identities involving binomial coefficients, Fibonacci numbers, derangements, zig-zag permutations, and Chebyshev polynomials. 1e1e36bf2d