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Amazon's Kindle has never really been about just books. In fact everything about Kindles is about lots of books. Not just books, though. It's about other products, too, that are related to books, based on books, or tied-in to books in some way. To the surprise of very few, the Kindle HDX is one such product that's on a lot of people's must-have lists and, for once, I'm not one of them.

Amazonian games supremo Phil Fish said that games are getting more and more involved with e-books as players want to read them while playing. He also said that 25 cents Kindle versions of vintage games would be great to help promote new games by Indie developers but that he's of the mind that games like Shank are too old and too similar to be used for this purpose. I agree, but next time I play Shank, I'll pull out the Kindle version.

Packing over a dozen different genres into each book, Spacemanoki is a good example of the genre-jumping approach that readers have come to expect from Booktrope. This approach to literature, it turns out, can be quite effective, as demonstrated by the publisher has one of the most well-written — and most expensive — books of 2012.

Amazon has slowly but surely introduced some important features and tools to the Kindle ecosystem like the Cloud reader or the cloud-based Kindle store. However, there is still a long way to go. Since I only got my first Kindle 3G in November 2012, I'm not one to talk up the features of the Kindle HD, so I'll let other people like James Floyd Kelly of B&tuts do the talking.

There are several steps to follow. Open the Sophos OpenVPN client user guide, which contains information and instructions on how to connect and configure SSL VPN. Also included is an SSL