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We Need Your Help, Heroes!

Home of the Tide Breaker RPG system by Nick Butler

We got physical copies now! Check the link on the upper right! Or click the big "Physical Copies" link behind this sentence. CONVENIENCE! 

Moreover, It'll soon be two years since the release of Tide Breaker! However due to getting access to the rest of our stock so late in the game, its been hard to spread the word. Please tell your friends and if you happen to know any body that wants to support us by carrying our titles, send them my email address

Also, I'm thinking of dropping a poll for a new campaign book soon. Check your emails in the upcoming weeks.

Cinematic Roleplaying With Style

Tide Breaker is a Tabletop RPG system that lets you step into the role of hyper-competent heroes and explore worlds that your group creates together from the ground up. Customize your abilities, get involved in clandestine plots, and engage in epic battles straight out of your favorite action movie against numbers that would overwhelm almost anyone! Of course, it’d just be a warm-up for you. At least until the Big Bad shows up.

In Tide Breaker, if cinematographic combat is not your style, roleplaying your way and speaking through discussion to persuade anyone with your masterful diplomacy to make sure you get your way is always a great option. Of course, unless, you’ve spun yourself into a web losing all
Hope, spelling out your Doom.

Hope and Doom are meta-currencies that may be used in both combat and non-combat situations. While the GM uses Doom as their resource, the players use Hope, and the tug of war of this instrumental currency conflict plays symphonic tidal waves through the roleplaying experience. The clever use of Hope and Doom will offer your table a strategic gameplay options easily weave-able into the fabric of your group's campaigns and settings. The Stunt System within Tide Breaker allows you to fully customize your character’s and NPC’s abilities, creating some of the utmost unique and amazing creations where only your imagination is the limit.

Impress your friends with
Showstoppers, where the best stunts
Ignite, exploding your chances of success into imaginative theatrical moments that you will never forget.



We funded on Kickstarter!
Like forever ago, actually! 

Wait... a license? Does that mean we can HACK THIS GAME?

Ya gosh darn right ya can! The full version of Tide Breaker comes with a section at the end called "Grooves" which is what we lovingly designed to help spur the creativity of fledgling designers looking to really make this system their own! The Grooves we included are just a starting point and the suggestions they're paired up with are just that: suggestions. What matters is that you take the system and turn it inside out or just add your own seasoning until the flavor is something you and your table (or customers, go get that bag, dev!) will be sure to enjoy!

If you want my suggestion: Make a small groove by taking a look at the core mechanics of the game and changing one thing. Make that thing fit the theme of the world you're looking to emulate. Then if that doesn't hit the vibe you're looking for, change something else, and don't forget to play it when you're done! But most of all? Have fun. That's what these games are for, friends!


- Nick Butler, 2024.

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Tide Breaker RPG Discord: The best place to get your updates live!

Pop in and say hi to Nick and make some friends, join a playtest session, and find out about the games updates, upcoming setting books, and more!

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